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Staff so very friendly and accommodating. I was in for the airbag recall. Tina was very helpful, part came in very quickly, app't went well. I ended up calling later in the day to see if the car was ready and t was. When I arrived the gentleman apologized for not calling earlier as he said things got busy.This was no problem for me. A very enjoyable experience. Kudos to JB dealership.

Gerald D.

My recent service visit was for an oil change. Service advisor Catherine Ribeiro is an experienced/knowledgeable professional and certainly an asset to the dealership. Always a pleasure dealing with her. I rate the experience. Excellent!!!!!!! Please forward to Mr. John Bear and Mr. Sean Smart. THANKS.

Geraldine R.

My wife dropped the car off on her way back from an appointment in the neighborhood. She says that the intake staff was very efficient. She had her paperwork processed and was in the shuttle vehicle in no time - no fuss, no muss, no waiting. Later when I picked the car up, I was in and out in a few minutes. And I really appreciate the extra touch of washing the car, especially in winter. I've dealt with a dozen different dealerships in cities and towns across Ontario but in my/our experience with John Bear (this is our second visit), yours is far away the best.

Brian L.

I was given a solution,instead pointless explanations! Your employee offered me a free service (car wash) Because of a good service you guys gave me i believe that you are going to be more busy than you might want to hire some new employees just to keep a same good service continue!


The whole experience was great! Tom A was the salesman I spoke with, he never rushed me and went over the car with me upon pick up showing everything far more then I expected. Melanie was the lady I spoke with regards to the extended warranty. I choose not to take an extended warranty just my personal choice. Melanie was great explaining everything in depth and knowledgeable about her products and services. It was a really good experience start to finish and I would go back to purchase another vehicle.

Derek M.

It was a pleasure to deal with the inside sales person, financial managers. Tim took the time to show us many cars on the lot, very knowledgeable and friendly. Overall he made us feel comfortable. Very happy with my experience.

Peter J.

I am discovering a high degree of integrity in this dealership, I would never want to be doing business with a company without values.. John bear has great employees.. Honesty and integrity, so important. Liked that young Cody... Smart... And always Catherine and Sean, great people and employees.

Lorraine B.

I was impresssed with the Service Account Manager's quick thinking in moving me up the queue and saving the time and expense of shuttling me home and back for a job that was going to be fairly quick. She was very efficient and sharp. I also noticed she took charge of matters and delegated tasks to people very capably (i.e. assigning jobs to various employees such as snow removal, or switching who did what on the cars that were there). She is a leader of the group and prioritizes very well.

Richard S.

I was called by John- Bear in January and was offered a free oil change for owning a Buick Verano. I bought it on Feb 1st. I was shocked at the offer and expected to pay some sort of tax before leaving. The service was great, people were friendly and I was in and out within an hour. They even washed my car before returning it to me. I was thoroughly impressed with the service at John Bear and I really appreciate the free service!!

Lucynda M.

Everything was handled professionally by the staff of John Bear Hamilton... and more specifically Shirley (and her brother David). Shirley was instrumental in having my repairs covered by warranty. She walked me through all the steps and made me feel confident that everything would be fixed. David checked me in the day of and his knowledge of the repair was incredible.

Eric R.