Second Chance

Second Chance Credit Solutions Helping Our Clients Every Day

At John Bear Hamilton-Cadillac, we offer our clients a wide range of financing solutions for every need, and we can help buyers purchase the pre-owned vehicle of their dreams regardless of their credit history. With special second chance credit solutions offered on a wide range of pre-owned vehicles at John Bear Hamilton-Cadillac, you are sure to find the right financing plan for your budget.

At John Bear Hamilton-Cadillac, we offer second chance credit solutions that are designed to not only help our clients get into a pre-owned vehicle but also improve their credit over time. Indeed, our team of financial specialists will work with you to help you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle for your needs and will take the time to understand your budget. We can also help you plan that budget should you need it.

Then, we tailor our second chance credit solutions to you in order to ensure that you get a financing plan that works with your finances. In doing so, you are able to meet your monthly payment obligations, and your credit will improve over time.

At John Bear Hamilton-Cadillac, we can help you even if your credit is not perfect. Contact us today to learn more!